TalkFreely - the case for collaboration

Stuart Sinclair - April 28, 2017
Employee Engagement

There’s a lot of knowledge in your business that’s hidden from view. Your employees may have it in their desks, in their departments or more often, in their heads. It’s only when employees can freely communicate and collaborate that all these incredible resources can be recognised, accessed - and used to benefit your business.

Start with engagement

Collaboration starts with engagement, because engagement is about relationships not mission statements. Engaged employees are involved with your business, and that means the people they work with and work for. Collaboration is already part of the engaged employee’s working day, so your business should make it as easy, efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible. 

Conversation and collaboration

Most employee communications apps are designed for messaging and chat. They don’t let employees actually work together in the virtual environment.

Equally, most cloud-based project project management systems are designed to facilitate team-based work, and don’t allow all members communicate beyond their designated team.

The TalkFreely employee app does both (and more). Unlike single-purpose employee messaging apps, TalkFreely empower employees to:

  • Seek out the information, people and resources they need

  • Form groups and teams to work together

  • Access peer to peer advice, support and resources as required

  • Deliver real results

Best of all, TalkFreely is a transparent system. So everyone involved can track the progress of a project, innovation or idea from initial spark of inspiration to final implementation.

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All from within one easy to use, customisable app on their desktop and mobile device of choice. 

Collaboration for everyone

Collaboration is not just for teams. It’s what makes every good company great, when employees feel comfortable and confident to share ideas, offer help and ask for it too. TalkFreely creates a safe, virtual community within your business where collaboration and co-operation can happen. Your employees can ask questions, strike up conversations, rate ideas, and offer their opinions. Behind the scenes, TalkFreely provides the robust, secure environment where collaborators can exchange files, information, videos and more, all within a secure and always-accessible system. 

Helping new employees get up to speed

Your new employees have a lot to take in, and sometimes they’ll need more than a training manual to help them get started. TalkFreely allows them to access all the training materials, videos and resources they need, whenever they need it. As part of the online community new employees can quickly find answers to their questions, without needing to know beforehand who they need to ask. They can also be assigned a mentor, for one to one support direct to their app feed. So, they can be more productive and more confident, more quickly. 

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Crowdsourcing expert knowledge

Your employees have knowledge, experience, skills and interests that could be just what another employee needs to access. With TalkFreely, employees can seek out the expert knowledge they need quickly and easily, identify colleagues who can help, or who have already offered help, and work with that person wherever they are in the organisation. 

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Company-wide conversations

Sometimes, you want feedback from your whole company. You want to hear what they think, what they need, how they want to work. By starting company-wide conversations in TalkFreely, you can engage your employees in determining the future of your business and setting your goals. Their collaboration at a corporate strategy level ensures they feel part of the solution, and the business’ resulting success. 

Let’s collaborate today

TalkFreely would love to work with you to help your employees work better with each other. Call us to discuss your requirements, or sign up for a demo to see TalkFreely in action.